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We have had a hawk crash into our picture window 3 times in the last 4 days.  They have been able to shake off their hit and then fly away after a few minutes.  On July 17, 2010 when the temperature was over 90 all day, we had one cool off in our bird bath.  He came back again on July 30, Click here for those Pictures 
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2 days later this one perched on my new railing

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I took these pictures through glass of the patio door

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Later that afternoon, 3 of them were in our front tree

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This one was feasting on some poor bird

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Hawks have been nesting in our neighborhood since 2003

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We see 2 parents and 2 young ones this year

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On April 3, we watched the female have breakfast while the male waited patiently to mate.  

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We used to have a lot of birds and squirrels in our neighborhood, but their population had dropped significantly.

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We used to buy a a lot of bird seed before we got this squirrel proof feeder.  Now we only had to buy 20 pounds a month.

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 Now that the hawks have taken over, our feeder stays full of food.  I have not bought any seed this summer.

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The squirrels emptied these feeders with ease

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This cardinal used our heated bird bath to warm up

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 He was featured on CBS News in  January

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This is one hungry Eagle

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These are not my pictures

This morning I went to watch Michelle play softball

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She made 3 outstanding plays in game one

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Here she smothers a hard hit grounder

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She easily beat the batter to the base

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Above, Michelle made a diving back hand stop that spun her around

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 then she hopped up and beat the batter to the bag

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The girls lost game one 2-1, but bounced back to win game two 11-1.

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