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We left Romeoville on Sunday morning, The Carons gave us a 10 minute head start, but it wasn't too long before they were in my rear view mirror. 

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We made a stop at the Rest Area on the Kansas-Missouri border.

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Patti and Elaina were quick with a smile.

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Michael and Will jumped into the pool and....

100_4794.JPG (1108906 bytes)

hot tub

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The girls got busy with some art work on the deck and....

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in the room

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The finished products.

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Bill took the ladies shopping and we soon had pizza!

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The girls painted my windows

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Michael took some pictures as we headed for the players luncheon.

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After lunch, the girls started trading team pins

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I took Michael and Will over to the T-Rex Restaurant

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Here is a piscivore it is a carnivorous animal which lives on eating fish.

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Michael and Will 

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Do you know why fish are so thin? Because they eat fish!

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Here is an herbivore. Looks like salads make you fat!

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They tried to dig, but the shovel was bolted down.

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The Skills Competition was cancelled because of the rain.  They did have a lot of fun with the Scavenger hunt in the shopping center.

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Mike was a little tired after driving all night.


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The Opening Ceremony went on in the rain without the sky divers, I guess they didn't like diving through lightning.

Parade Video clip

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Last year it was almost 100 degrees, so they jumped.


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The rain let up a little during the parade of over 200 teams, but it really stormed while we were driving back to the hotel.

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Kathie, Michael and I finished the night at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

100_7125.JPG (1019400 bytes)

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Michael got bit by a dinosaur.

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