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Every year, the Parrot Head Duffers and friends start the Jimmy Buffett weekend with a Saturday party at Suzanne and Paul's house.  (Frank's Daughter and son-in-law)  This year, T&A and his brother met us at the Concert. The party started in the yard at 12:00 O'clock, 3 hours later, the party moved on to a Tailgate Party.  We were blessed with 87 degree weather.  In past years, we sweated in 1999, we froze at the October 2001 concert and we were soaked with rain at 2 other concerts, so we really enjoyed this hot day.  Richard Roeper did a great job describing last year's concert. Bob Gendron, posted a good description of the 2010 concert in the Tribune

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Mike waits for Shelly to mix up a slushy Margarita 

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Beak gives his approval of the Margarita

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No waiting, Frank went right in.

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A Real Parrot Head

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Time for some food

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Time for a beer

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Lynn is sending a text to her husband Mark

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Mark just got the text from his wife

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Tom was the first to pay for the August 27th golf outing

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These guys were at the July Duffer Hockey game

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3 Cub fans

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I was sent on a fact finding mission by the younger guys

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We did not get any rain until we headed home

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This guy was hot

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Do you remember dialing up?  I remember well!  I got my Mom's old pink phone and snapped this picture for all you texters.

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A violent storm after the concert tossed this tree onto a power line on Lemont Rd




Here are some links to past Duffer Buffett Party sites.


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We lost Terry this year, but we got Frank back




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We passed on the Wrigley Field Concert



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