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The Good Lord has been good to me!  (Jeff Lopatka's Grandpa)

At age 65, I got a chance to play ice hockey with my 2 sons and 2 grandsons!

We had so much fun that I went right home and posted the following Huskie Newsletter.

My wife and I had so much fun watching our grandson, Jeff and all of his wonderful teammates this year.  We have watched a lot of hockey games over the years, from Mites to College and we have never watched a team that showed such determination and hustle all season long, they bounced back after tough loses to older teams and never gave up!  We love you guys.  

It is no surprise that this team had the most wonderful parents at the games.  We even had a team Doctor that kept everybody healthy including me!  I could have never made it up and down that Ice without Doc's miracle Hip shots.  I'll be seeing him for a new hip as soon as the Duffer Hockey season ends.  A Big Thank you to all of the Parents and Players for a wonderful season!  

I'm sorry that I could not mention all of the goals and great plays that took place in the Father-Son game (Memory loss after Mr. Bossy's refreshments), so if you want to e-mail me with your achievements, I'll be glad to add it to this page.  I am not sorry that We brought in some ringers that kept us in the game.  We would have been killed without the extra help.


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Huskie Bantam News

Father-Son Game Ends a Great Season

Huskies explode for 34 goals!

March 14, 2005

The fathers knew they were in for a tough game, since this was a big step up from squirt and Pee Wee games.  In past years they could toy with the little ones, control the game and keep it interesting, but now some of these kids are bigger than their dads and they are all faster and in better condition, so it was time to call in some ringers.  Coach Lopatka invited his brother Dan, who starred at St. Rita in the late 80s and then went on to play in College in the early 90s.  He also talked his 20 year old son, Mike into knocking the rust off of his skates.  It is a good thing that Coach Lopatka loaded up the roster, because the Huskies gave the old guys more than they could handle.  It looked easy when the old guys were fresh, Grandpa Lopatka fired a pass to his

Coach congratulates "T' Marcoski after he kicked out 75 shots in a wide open game.

son, Coach Lopatka who fired a high hard one past "T" for an early lead, but that didn't last long as the Bantams came right back and tied it.  Coach Andersson had to kick it into high gear just to keep the old guys close.  Dave Bossy was skating faster than he knew he could as he scored a pair and was named MVP for bring party leftovers into the locker room.  Coach Lopatka had a hat trick, but his son Jeff cancelled that with a hat of his own.  Steve Ignell scored, but one of little brothers scored for the Dads.  Greg Kostner scored, when he one timed a pass from Mike Lopatka for a goal.  Tom Finn had a

nice goal, after a beautiful display of passing by the Bantams.  I'm sorry to say I can't remember who scored the other 20 some goals, because I didn't take notes.  I do remember that the Dads took a 3 goal lead after 2 periods, but the Bantams came storming back.  If you scored and want a mention, just e-mail me at:  greg@lopatka.net

Ed Marcoski did a great job with the whistle.  He also helped Grandpa Lopatka with a hip lubricating shot  last week

(Left to Right) 4 of the 5 lopatkas are pictured above.  Mike, Jeff, Ken and Greg Lopatka.  Dan had to get his little daughter home before her bed time.


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The Huskies have been an important part of the Lopatka family ever since the Downers Grove Royals merged with the Huskies in 1977.  Jeff and Mike's dad, Ken Lopatka, played on the Midget and Junior B NIHL State Champ teams.  Dan Lopatka, Ken's little brother, Won Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam  NIHL State Crowns in the early 1980s.  Cammi Granato played on the Bantam Champion Team in 1986 with Dan. Go to: My Hockey Family

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