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Science Fair
Randolph school hasnít been represented at the Chicago Public Schools City Science Fair since they gave up their 7th and 8th graders, but every year Mr. Lopatka sees one or two former students representing their high school. This year was no exception, Rena Baker of Jones Commercial was there calling him as he was setting up a table for the judges. Mr. Lopatka has been on John Kent's Science Fair Exhibit committee for years. One of the biggest rewards is seeing former students carrying on the Randolph tradition of science excellence.
Mayor Daley paid a visit to the fair and stopped to talk to some of the students.
(Above) Former Randolph student, Rena Baker, poses next to her award winning project on taste. Rena is a freshman. 
Rena was a winner at the Randolph school science fair when she was in 6th grade. Her brother Arick (Shown above with Mr. Lopatka) represented Randolph at the Region 5 Science Fair last month. It looks like science excellence runs in the Baker family!
Mayor Richard M. Daley, CPS CEO Paul G. Vallas and other dignitaries took time out of their busy Schedules to praise the students.
Tom (Above) and Allan are members of the exhibit committee. 
Hundreds of Science fair winners are explaining their projects to the judges.
John Kent (White Shirt) and his exhibit committee set up and takedown the fair every year. 

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