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53rd Anniversary Science Fair

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CPS City Science Fair #53!

Every year  when Greg Lopatka was at Randolph School, he would get a call from John Kent, Chairman of the Science Fair Exhibit Committee.  Now that he is retired, John still keeps calling and Greg keeps saying yes.  One of the biggest rewards is seeing former students carrying on the Randolph tradition of science excellence.
John does the same with many other teachers and administrators that make up his hard working committee.  Ever since the GLOBE Program taught me how to make web pages back in 1996, I have been posting CPS Science Fair Web pages.  When I retired, some of the early pages were removed from the Randolph website, so I have been posting on my
lopatka.net site.
The Mayor gave an inspirational speech to the students

Mayor Daley thanks the students, teachers and parents for their hard work.

John Kent, left, and 2 of his hard working committee workers.

and asked the TV cameras to turn and give some air time to the students that worked for months on their projects.  He mentioned that the law breaking protester get hours of news coverage  while these kids go unnoticed. 
That is so true, in my years of teaching, I found that I could get students interested in science by introducing them to Science Stars like Dr. Paul Sereno and Homer Hickam.  It was pointed out that there were more female science fair participants this year.  That comes as no surprise to anyone that has ever tried to motivate 7th and  8th graders into a science project.  The boys spend more time trying to get famous with sports achievements. 

Mayor Daley stopped to talk to some of the students.

Greg Lopatka and Vice-Chairperson, Allan Nelson, get ready for Mayor Daley's visit.

CEO of the CPS, Arne Duncan gives his daughter a tour of the Fair

These pictures were taken by Greg Lopatka on the opening day of the fair.  March 21, 2003.  Click on the thumbnail to view the large image.  Use your back button to return to this page.

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(Left) Students wait patiently for their judges to  record their data. (Center) John Kent answers  a question. (Right) Greg Lopatka and Marvin Nochowitz.

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(Left) Bob Gonzalez from St. Louis and Greg. (Center) Gonzo gets a gift from the Exhibit Committee for his hockey collection.  (Right) Allen Nelson is surprised  by a live mike.


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(Left) Tia Chowanski-Doty and Friend. (Center) Camera crews zoom in on the mayor. (Right) The ROTC post the colors.


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(Left) Executive Chair Person, Roy Coleman, introduces Mayor Daley. (Center) Mrs. Arne Duncan and daughter. (Right) Gonzo and the boys get a good view from the front row of the balcony.

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(Left) The Mayor bites his tongue. (Center) A student explains her project to Mayor Daley. (Right) The Mayor and his entourage head back to city hall.


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(Left) Marvin gets help with a table. (Center)  Tia Chowanski-Doty and CPS CEO, Arne Duncan. (Right) Scale model of downtown Chicago.

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(Left) Scale model of Seattle Washington. (Center)  Scale model of a Mountain site. (Right) Scale model of a Chicago neighborhood.
The following pictures were taken on Monday, March 24, 2003.  The Fair is over and it is time for John Kent's crew to clean up and pack up.

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Pat and her crew wrap up the signs for next year.

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(Left) John's crew looks at the web page during a coffee break. (Center)  John tells Pat to get to work. (Right) Allen has a laugh at his picture by the live mike.

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John's crew celebrates the completed job with lunch.




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