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One day after Friday the 13th, (July 14, 2007) my granddaughter's Softball team, The Romeoville Revolution, had to play 3 games, with little rest between games.  They could have gone home after 2, if they had lost, but they won the 11:00 game with a thrilling walk off, grand slam homerun by Page, that broke an 8-8 tie.

They won the 3:00 game that also went down to the wire.  Elaina got the win in game 1 and the save in game 2. 

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07-07-13 062.jpg (1314789 bytes) 07-07-13 064.jpg (1894662 bytes)
07-07-13 071.jpg (1472780 bytes)

Michelle hit this ball that landed right in my lawn chair, see it get larger in the next picture.             ==========>

07-07-13 072.jpg (1440985 bytes)
07-07-13 085.jpg (1598960 bytes)

Elaina gets ready to whip a fast ball past the batter.

07-07-13 086.jpg (1619125 bytes)

Strike 3!

07-07-13 105.jpg (1932048 bytes) 07-07-13 108.jpg (1901674 bytes)
07-07-13 114cr.jpg (596051 bytes)

Here is a close call that did not go our way.  Michelle (Far Right) is racing the ball to the base.

07-07-13 115cr.jpg (493113 bytes)

I thought I had proof that the ump blew the call, but Michelle and the ball arrive at the same time.  You make the call.

07-07-13 133.jpg (2051666 bytes)

Both of our pitching stars in this picture, as Elaina (3rd Base) watches Melissa  fire one to the plate.

07-07-13 134.jpg (2056097 bytes)

You can see the ball leaving her hand on the way to home plate. Melisa got the win in game 2.

07-07-13 136.jpg (1799972 bytes)

This play got us out of a jam as Elaina tags out a runner!

07-07-13 143.jpg (1108206 bytes)

Page ended the 8-8 tie game with a bases loaded home run!

07-07-13 144.jpg (1018364 bytes) 07-07-13 142.jpg (1654779 bytes)
07-07-13 151.jpg (2037674 bytes)

Page is mobbed by her team mates!

07-07-13 153.jpg (1659990 bytes)

It looks like the end of the Stanley Cup Play offs.

07-07-13 157.jpg (2018843 bytes) 07-07-13 159.jpg (1782819 bytes)

We had a a short break, but we had to drive over to another park for a 3:00 game.   

07-07-13 155cr.jpg (1417835 bytes)

Michelle had plenty of fans, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, her Mom and brother.

games2-3 089cr.jpg (988151 bytes)

Michelle take a snack break with her brother and cousins.

games2-3 014.jpg (2291277 bytes) will.jpg (376232 bytes)
hbp.jpg (477178 bytes)

Here comes the pitch.

hbp2.jpg (443195 bytes)

Michelle gets hit by the pitch.

games2-3 042cr.jpg (492301 bytes)

Michelle made them pay, as she stole 2nd.

games2-3 044cr.jpg (335182 bytes)

Then scored easily on a base hit.

walk.jpg (528482 bytes)

Michelle ducks under ball 4 in her second at bat.

run2.jpg (174393 bytes)

1 run scores on a long ball by (I forgot, please e-mail me)and I'll give you credit.

run2-.jpg (272110 bytes)

Michelle scores to give us a 5 run lead.

k.jpg (1006591 bytes)

They cut the lead to 3 and had the bases full when Elaina came in and got the final 2 outs with Strike outs.

Game 3 started at 5:00.  Click here to go to pictures of game 3  and the party at Bono's.  

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