August is a busy month for us, our calendar had 10 events on it.  On 8/8  Deb and Dan celebrated their 11th Anniversary, 3 days later, Erin and Sandi had their birthdays.  Ken had his 47th a day later, Herb and Donna celebrated their Anniversary on the 13th and Amanda turned 22 on the 14th.  Laura's son Brandon had a birthday on the 17, then Debbie had her birthday on the 18th.  Erin and Eric celebrate their anniversary on the 27th and Michelle closes out the month with a birthday on the 29th.  Ted and Susan's daughter Ann gave birth to Caroline on August 5th.

08/18/2009 Was Debbie's Birthday

08/08/2009 was Dan and Deb's 11th Anniversary 

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Michelle is getting ready for he 15th Birthday party on August 29

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Dan had an ice cream cake ready for her back at the house.

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Carole and I went  to the Morton Arboretum and took the following pictures:

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We watched the male fly in and then the female came by. (Left)

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April 25, 2009 My Aunt Irene was buried today, just 2 months after we lost my Mom.

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