The Steeple Run School Frost Tube

On November 19, 2008, Mr. Lopatka helped Ms. Kouri's Highlands School Students install the first Frost Tube in Illinois.  One week later, Mr. Lopatka installed one at the Morton Arboretum GLOBE study site. On December 3rd,  He helped the students of Steeple Run install one at their Weather station.  There are 80 sites in the state of Alaska, where they are carefully monitoring the permafrost there.  The Frost tube allows students to measure the depth of the frost during the winter months.  The CPVC pipe extends 85 centimeters into the ground. There is a flexible sealed plastic tube with blue died water, that will turn clear when frozen, making it easy for students to monitor the depth of the frost. 
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I installed this Frost Tube in my garden.  The CPVC pipe has a removable cap, so that students can remove the tube and measure the depth of the ice.

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The students are holding the following tools: (Left to Right) Frost Tube, pipe wrench, hand trowel, Infrared Surface Thermometer and a coffee container of soil.

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Mr. Lopatka pounded a steel pipe 85 centimeters into the ground, then used the pipe wrench to remove the pipe, leaving a path for the CPCV pipe.  Then we packed soil around the pipe.

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These pictures are from Highlands School



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This is the tube that has the blue dyed water that we check for frost.

Click here to learn more about the Frost tube at Highlands School and the ones in Alaska.

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