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One season ended and another began.  The Coaches held try outs for next year's Under 16 team. My wife and I thought we would treat the girls for giving us a great season, so we invited them over to Brothers Home Plate after the final try out.
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U-16 Fast Pitch Softball World Series in Mankato

Thursday, 8/5/2010

We played our first game at 8:00 and  won 12-0 as Melissa pitched a shut out.

Michelle had a great first game with a single, double, 2 walks and a stolen base.

We then went to the opening ceremonies then played an afternoon game that we lost game two 5-4, when  we blew a 4-3 lead in the 7th.


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After our 8:00 game win, we had time for lunch and then the opening ceremonies.

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Friday, 8/6/2010

We won Game one: 3-1

Michelle had a walk, a line out to center, and a strike out that got us a run.  She ran and avoided the catchers tag, making her throw to first and our runner scored from third. We turned 2 double plays in the game.

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There it goes, the first of Michelle's 4 ground rule doubles

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We won Game two 7-2

Michelle had a 2 out RBI double in the first and a sacrifice fly RBI  in the 3rd.  She singled in the 4th and finally made an out in the 7th. 

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Looks like a blooper single

100B0623.JPG (283951 bytes)

CC make a great catch

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CC drives a double to right

100B0710.JPG (1038116 bytes)

Abby puts down a perfect bunt

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Alexis scores a run on a dropped 3rd strike

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CC fires a strike to Michelle

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Taylor fires a strike to first

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Saturday, 8/7/2010

Game one: Rained all morning, games are backed up.

We played at 3 and won 9-4.  Michelle didnít get a hit, but had a walk and scored a run.

Game 2: we were down 12-0, then came back to make it 12-10 in the 6th, but they called the game because it went more than 90 minutes and we had them shaking,  Michelle had several big hits, one to lead off our 8 run 6th inning.

Game 3: We had to play game 3 just minutes after this exhausting loss. The game ended at 11:00, We lost 6-0 the tanks were empty.

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We waited a log time for our game to start

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The girls were anxious to get started

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Once the game started the lighting was poor

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My camera could not capture the action

100_1019.JPG (1317424 bytes)

Coach Mike get ready for his reward for coaching

100_1022.JPG (1178871 bytes)

For all his hard work, I thought he deserved better

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On Sunday, we headed Home

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Michael and I stopped at the Mississippi River

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Then we went to Lego Land

mankato 004.jpg (1038391 bytes)

In Woodfield, Illinois

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