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These Pictures were taken in the Roselle Tournament July 30, 31 and August 1st, 2010,  We won game one 15-3 With a grand Slam by our pitcher Melissa.  Michelle was on base all 4 times when She was hit by a pitch twice and 2 singles. 

10-07-30Rozel 004.jpg (396572 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 007.jpg (77337 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 008.jpg (117117 bytes)

Alexis and Elena move in to catch a pop up

10-07-30Rozel 009.jpg (59867 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 012.jpg (121751 bytes)

Abby makes a nice scoop of a sinking line drive

10-07-30Rozel 013.jpg (265113 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 015.jpg (183338 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 020.jpg (333900 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 022.jpg (81527 bytes)

Michelle rounds first after her hit up the middle

10-07-30Rozel 030.jpg (193088 bytes)

Jussie dives in safely to avoid a pick off attempt.

10-07-30Rozel 034.jpg (360981 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 040.jpg (188893 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 041.jpg (263078 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 047.jpg (141604 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 043.jpg (119060 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 049.jpg (469985 bytes)

Abby beats out another beautiful bunt!

10-07-30Rozel 052.jpg (934993 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 054.jpg (692553 bytes)

Michelle strokes a single to right

10-07-30Rozel 055.jpg (292693 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 058.jpg (359337 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 064.jpg (298134 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 068.jpg (160325 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 071.jpg (365203 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 073.jpg (324841 bytes)
10-07-30Rozel 074.jpg (313900 bytes)

CC loads up to throw

10-07-30Rozel 075.jpg (331066 bytes)

But wisely decides to hang on to it

10-07-30Rozel 084.jpg (353995 bytes) 10-07-30Rozel 085.jpg (279079 bytes)

10-07-30Rozel 072.jpg (196579 bytes)

Melissa is on her way to a grand slam home run!

Game 2

These Pictures were taken in the Roselle Tournament July 31st.  We won game two 13-3, with great hitting and defense by everyone, while Elaina hurled a gem. 

10-07-31Roselle 009.jpg (443806 bytes) 10-07-31Roselle 018.jpg (354689 bytes)

Elenia pitched a 1-2-3 first then Abby singled to left, Michelle pulled one into right and sent Abby to 3rd 

10-07-31Roselle 023.jpg (363504 bytes)

Michelle stole second and Hattie singled them home and we were on our way to a 3 run first.

10-07-31Roselle 028.jpg (240040 bytes)

Cc scoops a grounder and fires a strike to first to get the runner by several steps. (See below) click on the picture for a close up.

10-07-31Roselle 038.jpg (231783 bytes)

CC steals second, but was called out by a bad call. 

10-07-31Roselle 029.jpg (343500 bytes)
10-07-31Roselle 045.jpg (398556 bytes)

Elaina beats out a bunt

10-07-31Roselle 060.jpg (447438 bytes)

Michelle stretches to beat the runner

10-07-31Roselle 062.jpg (299527 bytes) 10-07-31Roselle 075.jpg (256712 bytes)
10-07-31Roselle 051.jpg (96770 bytes)

Michelle slides into home safely

10-07-31Roselle 072.jpg (166666 bytes)

Thumper chases down a long fly ball.

10-07-31Roselle 082.jpg (284208 bytes)

Taylor M rips a triple and puts us one short of a 10 run lead 

10-07-31Roselle 083.jpg (233435 bytes)

Taylor C bounces an infield single that sends Taylor M home.

10-07-31Roselle 086.jpg (271138 bytes)

One Taylor heads for home while another Taylor leaves home

10-07-31Roselle 087.jpg (284591 bytes)

Taylor M slides in with the game ending run

10-07-31Roselle 088.jpg (254662 bytes)

Ump signals safe, game over 13-3

10-07-31Roselle 092.jpg (556945 bytes)

Good Game, Good Game, Good Game, Good Game, Good Game

10-07-31Roselle 002.jpg (1011287 bytes) 10-07-31Roselle 004.jpg (139060 bytes)


10-08-01Roselle 285.jpg (514098 bytes)

The Girls won third place with a 10-0 win on August 1, 2010.  They defeated the first place 13-3, we beat the 2nd place team 15 -3, but we got shut out by the team that won the championship in our first game today. 

10-08-01Roselle 290.jpg (699138 bytes)

The Girls wanted a Crazy picture

10-08-01Roselle 253.jpg (730292 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 227.jpg (505224 bytes)

We ended the game with 2 sparkling plays.  Michelle made a diving stop and beat the runner to the bag for the first out.

10-08-01Roselle 228.jpg (277894 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 229.jpg (269015 bytes) 10-08-01Roselle 230.jpg (450801 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 231.jpg (558995 bytes) 10-08-01Roselle 232.jpg (609025 bytes)

Just beat her to the Bag for out number one.

10-08-01Roselle 234.jpg (300740 bytes)

Taylor M made a back hand grab of a ball that was headed for extra bases.

10-08-01Roselle 235.jpg (543814 bytes)

She got up and fired a strike to Michelle to end the game!

10-08-01Roselle 236.jpg (564486 bytes) 10-08-01Roselle 237.jpg (538502 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 238.jpg (515787 bytes) 10-08-01Roselle 239.jpg (548282 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 240.jpg (597506 bytes) 10-08-01Roselle 295.jpg (2129659 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 017.jpg (555137 bytes) 10-08-01Roselle 019.jpg (674223 bytes)
10-08-01Roselle 018.jpg (610464 bytes)

10-08-01Roselle 021.jpg (1763303 bytes)

10-08-01Roselle 020.jpg (689772 bytes)

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