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My Brag Page for our granddaughter, Michelle Spillman

We are looking forward to an exciting season.  Many of the players have been starters on the varsity since their freshman year.  Coach Douglas coached several of these players to a Regional Championship when they were in 8th grade.  Most of these girls play together with the Romeoville Elite Softball Travel team when the school season ends. They started the pre season with 5 straight wins where they scored at least 10 runs in each game.  We ended the pre season with a double header win over Mount Assisi.  Michelle Spillman ended game 1 with a bases loaded walk off triple.  CC Floyd ended game two  with a walk off extra inning home run.  Jami and CC  had 4 pre season home runs, Melissa also had one.

 April 9          April 23          May 2         May 3         May 9       May 14 

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The first conference game, April 5, 2011, produced a thrilling come from behind win over Plainfield South.  We jumped on top in the first, when Michelle ripped a line drive 2 out single to right to drive in 2 runs.  Plainfield answered with 2 runs in the top of the first to tie the game.  They added 4 more in the 2nd to take a 6-2 lead.  Romeoville came right back in the 3rd with 4 runs with a deep home run by Michelle to tie it at 6.  Plainfield South took a 9-6 lead in the bottom of the 3rd as they were pounding the ball to all fields.  Elaina came in and shut their power off for the rest of the game with 4 shut out innings!  Romeoville tied it with 3 in the 6th and Melissa Guzior won it with a solo home run in the 7th.
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Michelle is all smiles after tying the game with her Home Run

101_0404.JPG (2810099 bytes)

Michelle stretches to get an out

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Melissa gets a hug after hitting the Game winning Home Run

101_0415.JPG (1410109 bytes)

Michelle shows off her Home Run Ball while calling her Travel Coach

Saturday April 9, 2011

We had a beautiful day for a ball game, so we played two and swept a double header from Argo High School.  Michelle got an infield single on a shot that glanced off of the first basemen's glove and rolled into foul territory.  Michelle hit her shin on the pitcher that was covering first.  She was helped off of the field and did not return until she pinch hit in the night cap.  She was called out on an inside pitch that almost hit her, but we had a secure 7-2 lead and the umpire was in a hurry to go home.  Jami had 2 more home runs, a grand slam in the first that helped us to a 9-1 win.  Melissa also homered in game one while pitching a gem.  Elaina pitched the night cap and was stellar on the mound and at the plate with a beautiful bunt single and a double.  Romeoville Varsity Softball Team is now 8 and 1.

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(Above) Michelle rips an RBI single.

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Michelle had to leave the game with a bruised shin

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The Coach got her up and walking soon.

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The girls put the tarp down after the game

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Some rain is on the way and we have a game on Monday

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My Friend Bill came to watch our game in Oswego and it was cold!  We lost 4-1 to an outstanding pitcher.  After that, we had 8 straight days of rain.

Saturday April 23, 2011

We had some brutally cold and wet weather.  We lost two conference games to Plainfield North and Plainfield East, nobody was hitting and we were all freezing.  Our game on April 19 was rained out. After 8 straight days with measurable rain, we finally saw the sun and the tournament in Highland Park got started an hour late with one field under water.  We jumped all over Highland Park High School in the first when Michelle tripled in a couple of runs and we went on to score 6 runs before I could find the field.  We put another 6 up when Elaina hit her first High School home run. Coach Douglas emptied the bench and gave all of the regulars a rest. We won 12-2 in a shortened game.  Game 2 featured the two winning teams.  We won 4-1 as Elaina pitched a gem and we cashed in on 3 lead off walks.  Michelle had a double in 2 at bats in game 2.  We were declared the champions of the tournament since we were the only undefeated team.     

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Elaina gets a high Five from Michelle for her home run blast

101_0644.JPG (317635 bytes)

Elaina gets a hug from her battery mate

101_0645.JPG (316775 bytes)

Another High Five from Abbie

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She gets to relax as the bench mob finishes off the win

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Elaina warms up for game 2 and tries not to hit her coach.

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The girls are ready to move into their bench

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May 2, 2011 

We finally got to watch a game without a winter jacket.  We faced a pitcher who was leading the conference in strike outs.  She fanned Michelle in the first inning when she missed a 2 strike slap attempt.  The second time up, she singled up the middle.  Her third at bat, she lined out to deep center. Nobody was hitting and we gave them 6 unearned runs that resulted in an 11-1 score.  We were facing a slaughter rule early shower when Michelle came up in the 6th with two on and two out.  Michelle crushed a deep home run over the centerfield fence to make it 11-4.  We added 2 more in the 7th, but lost 11-6.   Michelle played right field in a Peoria tournament and made a couple of nice catches.  Her coach told her that College coaches are looking for outfielders with good speed and a good arm, so she will be playing Right for the rest of the season.

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Michelle drives a single to center

101B1032.JPG (2243809 bytes)

She runs to first

101B1001.JPG (525012 bytes)

Abby give us a scare when she crashed into the wall while making a great catch that saved a grand slam. 

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Michelle, Jessie and Abby race in after the side was retired

101_1111.JPG (588963 bytes)

Michelle picks up her bat after her team mobbed her after her home run

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Everybody came out to greet her

101B1040.JPG (438822 bytes)

Michelle lines out to center

101B1051.JPG (725819 bytes)

When it left the bat, it looked like it was gone

May 3, 2011 

I had to put the winter jacket on again, but Michelle stayed hot with an opposite field double high off of the wall in left center.  She singled up the middle in the 3rd.  With 2 outs in the 7th trailing 9-1, she beat out an infield hit then moved to second on Abby's single.  They both scored on Jamie's 3 run home run. Michelle made a nice catch and threw a strike to home to complete a 9-2 double play.

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May 9, 2011 

We finally had some warm weather but it was very windy.  The wind was blowing straight in from center field and it robbed CC of a centerfield home run.  We finished a game that was rained out after 2 innings.  Plainfield South was out to revenge a tough loss that we gave them back on April 5, when Michelle hit a 3 run home run to tie the game and Melissa won it with a walk off home run.  We started the game today in the 3rd inning, trailing 1-0.  Elaina continued her dominance over this team by shutting them out for the remaining 5 innings.  That extended her scoreless string to 9 innings, because she shut them out the last 4 innings of the April game. We had a runner on 3rd in three of the 4 innings, but we could not score until Kahla Toth ripped a double in the 7th to score Loren, who was on when she was hit by a pitch. Abby reached on an error that moved Toth to third.  Michelle came up with two outs and lined a walk off drive to right center.  We beat them 2-1 in another game to remember!   

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Abby is the first to congratulate Michelle

101B1592.JPG (288937 bytes)

Haddie, Briee and the rest are right behind

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(Left) Michelle gets a hug from her Mom. (Above) The winning pitcher, Elaina, and hitting star Abby.

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The girls had fun trying to tie down the tarp with the wind blowing


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101_1603.JPG (451882 bytes) 101_1620.JPG (1053438 bytes)

We were are connected, until the umpire zeroed in on our coaches

May 14, 2011 

The warm weather didn't last long as the temperature dropped to 50 with a chilling wind.  We lost to Bolingbrook 7-3.  Michelle was 2 for 3 as was Kahla Toth.  CC Floyd showed signs that she was back when she blasted a long home run to center in the 4th, then repeated that again in the 6th, when she took a stride into a pitch that she thought was a fastball, but it was a beautiful change up that usually gets you to pop up, but CC lifted a long home run using just her arms and wrists.  After the game, the coaches handed out major letters and other special awards at a post game lunch.

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101_1803.JPG (1898526 bytes)

The underclassmen took turns giving some kind words to the seniors

101_1813.JPG (2019254 bytes)

There were a lot of hugs and tears 

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101_1838.JPG (1978973 bytes) 101_1839.JPG (2059319 bytes)
101_1840.JPG (1963635 bytes)

Special Awards

101_1841.JPG (1978471 bytes)

Best Offence Jamie

101_1844.JPG (2030587 bytes)

Best Defense Hatti

101_1847.JPG (2031212 bytes)

Most Coach-able, J-Wall

101_1849.JPG (2042124 bytes)

Most Improved Kayla

101_1852.JPG (2153841 bytes)

Most Valuable Abby

101_1856.JPG (1828649 bytes) 101_1860.JPG (1771226 bytes)
101_1862.JPG (762487 bytes)

Special award winners

101_1863.JPG (587201 bytes)

Abby, Kayla,  Haddi, Jamie, and J-Wall 

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