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Duffer News

Many Goals in Columbus!

Romeoville, IL
March 9&10, 2012

Attendance: 17

The Harvey Steals the Show (& the Puck) in Columbus!
Friday's game proved to be a slow game when only one guest showed up.  That meant each team had 5 guys on the ice with only 2 subs on the bench. The Anvil and Tweedy had more than their share of shots on goal. They gave up 16 goals, but their save percentage was .980!  The Whites may have won 9-7, but no one knows for sure.  T&A sent the following: "Mini Wheezer had two. You and I assisted on the first one. I had two goals with an assist on my first from

We knew we were in for a good time when the bus driver introduced himself as Hanrahan!

Steve and my second on an assist from Berserk. Berserk had one or two goals and his buddy Steve had one.

Tommy, BBTW and the Czar each had 2 goals for the Whites. Drago and his buddy Rob had solo goals.  Klinger had the only Meaningful goal of the game."

Saturday Afternoon

The score may have been: Whites 14 and Reds 12, although there are a lot of contrary reports.  All I remember is Harvey beating Tweedy twice and our Ringer Ryan scoring every time I told him we were losing.  Early in the game I said, "We are down 3." He took a pass from me and went in our zone and scored a goal.  He did that again until the score was tied.  Then he just cruised around and played defense. Whenever we were down, he would tie the game. I got assists by just throwing the puck to an open area and Ryan would get it and blow it past Tweedy.  He even fired a slap shot into the net from the center ice face off circle!  T&A sent me the following:  "Bill BTW had 4, V-Man and Tommy Z had Hat tricks. The Czar and Greg may have had 2, (Greg Z said he had 2 in the first game and was shut out by the Anvil on Saturday.) Harvey and Ryan Dzingel provided all of the of the Red goals.  Ryan had at least 10 and you and Harvey probably had 3 or 4 assists each, since you were both smart enough to pass to him a lot ( He told me nice assist on 2 of them, even though I know that he did not need my help!) Harvey had 2 Meaningful goals and I assisted on the first one. Harvey was our MVP!"  Greg Z sent the following: "In game one, I scored two, the first dribbled in past Anvil and just broke the line. Tommy Z confirmed it went in. My second was a one-hitter from a pass on the corner from V-

man.  In game 2, I didn't score at all."

Berserk needed a rest after just one period.

Back row: The Czar, Beak, Harvey, Tommy Z, Ryan D, V-Man. Drago, Greg Z, Frank, Joe Ambrosia.
Front row: Bill BTW, Anvil, Tweedy, Berserk, Mini Wheezer, Steve and T&A

Memorable Moments:

  • Ryan Dzingel made a beautiful pass to T&A at the blue line, but just as his back swing reached for the stars, his teammate Harvey cruised by and took the puck.  When T&A's swing hit the ice, there was nothing but air where the puck had been.
  • Tweedy passed some gas at the table at the R-Bar, when he thought he would only gag Harvey and Tommy Z.  Just a few seconds later, a waitress appeared right behind him.  Tom said, "I wouldn't stand there." The pretty gal replied, "Too late, I smell it already." Harvey said, "I thought it was the hamburger!"
  • The next time Tweedy's flatulence started to brew, he went to the men's room to let off some gas, but he never quite made it there and left a steady stream of mustard gas out as he passed the pool table where 4 guys were having a heated game.  When Tweedy returned from the men's room, the 4 pool players were in a heated argument accusing each other of poor manners.
  • Circus Greg had a run in with Klinger that knocked them both down. Greg Z attributed the Klinger Krash to exhaustion and a hangover.  Klinger said Greg tried to go through an area that wasn't there. That could be a symptom of a hangover.
  • On the way home from the bar, Tweedy gave his roommate a hip check into the street barrier. Tom has a lower body injury that looks a lot like a hickey. Remember don't drink and walk.
  • There was a pretty young gal that was flirting with Beak in the bar on Saturday night. (Pictured Below) Beak soon realized that he was being used to make her boyfriend jealous.  When she sat down with her bearded beau, Beak went over there and said, "you know that I got your girl all warmed up for you and now it looks like you have a good chance of getting lucky." After the hair ball nodded and smiled, Beak said, "the least you could do is buy me a beer."  The guy said, "What are you drinking?" Beak replied, "I'll take one of those $22.00 beer columns for my teammates."  His smile faded and said, "OK." An hour later, when the waitress yelled, "Last Call!" Beak reminded the cheapskate that the guys were still waiting for their beer.  He slipped out and went home.
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This picture and many more are posted on my Facebook Page and the newly created Duffer Hockey Facebook Page.  Just go to Facebook and search in the top for 'Duffer Hockey', or Gregory Lopatka.  I have 4 shoot out videos posted on my Facebook Page.

100_7853.JPG (655792 bytes)

Our driver was Hanrahan.

100_7854.JPG (1913382 bytes)

Everybody was on time this year. 

100_7855.JPG (982004 bytes) 100_7856.JPG (1369445 bytes)
100_7857.JPG (1645636 bytes) 100_7858.JPG (1146973 bytes)
100_7859.JPG (1135296 bytes) 100_7860.JPG (1102379 bytes)
100_7861.JPG (2125360 bytes)

Beak's gold blood level was a little low, so he fixed that.

100_7863.JPG (1124050 bytes)

Eddie tells the Czar that he has to eat his celery and pickle.

100_7864.JPG (1470282 bytes) 100_7865.JPG (1866745 bytes)
100_7866.JPG (1335676 bytes)

Steve enjoys a liquid breakfast made by the Anvil.

100_7870.JPG (559639 bytes)

100_7868.JPG (586532 bytes)

100_7869.JPG (656639 bytes)

100_7871.JPG (628305 bytes) 100_7867.JPG (518720 bytes)
100_7873.JPG (1738027 bytes) 100_7874.JPG (1268597 bytes)
100_7875.JPG (1586374 bytes) 100_7877.JPG (1670340 bytes)
100_7879.JPG (1858272 bytes) 100_7880.JPG (1922353 bytes)
100_7881.JPG (1575665 bytes) 100_7884.JPG (1618297 bytes)
100_7882.JPG (1917592 bytes)

Smooth ride Ehh? Look at my beer, steady as she blows.

100_7886.JPG (1316007 bytes)

It Tastes like chicken!

100_7896.JPG (1980956 bytes) 100_7897.JPG (1708113 bytes)
100_7899.JPG (1478306 bytes) 100_7900.JPG (1602646 bytes)
100_7919.JPG (1121534 bytes) 100_7918.JPG (1206735 bytes)

100_7920.JPG (1234505 bytes)

100_7921.JPG (1118214 bytes)


100_7911.JPG (1638789 bytes)

100_7904.JPG (1944089 bytes)

100_7906.JPG (1595577 bytes)

100_7908.JPG (1470943 bytes)

I guess Sliders make you sleepy, we didn't even get to Columbus!

100_7915.JPG (905497 bytes)

The goalies talk some strategy. 

100_7916.JPG (1115258 bytes)

Tweedy gets ready to make a save on a flying beer. 

100_7917.JPG (1042273 bytes) 100_7922.JPG (1227155 bytes)
100_7926.JPG (566542 bytes) 100_7928.JPG (1285956 bytes)
100_7929.JPG (2753152 bytes) 100_7933.JPG (1398315 bytes)
100_7934.JPG (1521310 bytes)

The King was with us in spirit, he showed up on the videos many times. Here he is getting his skates tied by Tony Granato.

100_7935.JPG (1919654 bytes)

He said the stain was caused by a beer that spilled in his lap, but he was in line at the toilet, but went back to his seat.

100_7938.JPG (2383728 bytes)

The sliders took a little longer to hit Frank.

100_7944.JPG (1503676 bytes)

Mrs. Anvil's Giant cookie did not make it to Columbus. Thank You!

100_7939.JPG (1627085 bytes)

Beak finally put the camera down to phone home.

100_7941.JPG (1450860 bytes)

Excitement builds as we pull into Columbus.  Everybody is now awake.

100_7949.JPG (1304917 bytes)

We arrived in Columbus just in time to see the Blue Jacket play the L.A. Kings.

100_7955.JPG (1885729 bytes)

Berserk, Steve and the 2 Gregs worked a scalper over at game time an got him to cough up $100 tickets for a song.

100_7952.JPG (2489464 bytes)

100_7951.JPG (1413037 bytes)

100_7959.JPG (1899035 bytes)

Berserk ordered a pre-game breakfast of 3 pancakes. We all watched his osmosis experiment as his cakes absorbed the suryp.

100_7960.JPG (1540203 bytes)

He only ate 1.5 pancakes, but he did use up a container of imatation maple suryp.

100_7961.JPG (1710687 bytes)

Tweedy gets ready for the game.

100_7962.JPG (1501842 bytes)

Klinger had a Klinger Krash in warm ups.

100_7972.JPG (651828 bytes) 100_7973.JPG (811984 bytes)
100_7976.JPG (2381421 bytes)

We were tired before the game started because we had to walk to the rink when our bus was stuck in the lot.

100_7974.JPG (1437534 bytes)

We were done after one.  We only had seven skaters on each team and the Czar insisted that we play 5 on 5.  

100_7977.JPG (2153564 bytes) 100_7978.JPG (1827692 bytes)
100_7987.JPG (2388120 bytes)

100_7980.JPG (1909957 bytes)

100_7984.JPG (2031048 bytes)

100_7983.JPG (2252434 bytes)

Duffer Trivia was added to the Duffer Web site on Friday the 13th in January 2012

This week's Duffer Trivia Questions

  1. What year did the Duffers go to Arizona?

  2. What year did the Rivermen win the Kelly Cup?

  3. Who was SOD that coached them?

  4. Name the Duffers that drank from the cup after the game?

Trivia answers from March 9, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers play in the Reno Gamblers' Cup? 1985 What Award did we win? Fair Play Award Name the 3 players that played in Reno who have passed away. Paul Jankowski, L. Secor and Skip Hockley.

  2. What year did the Duffers go to Las Vegas?  2003. Who missed the plane and had  to work that week. Dill Deau. Name another trip when that same guy missed the plane. San Jose` 2001. Name 5 of the players that gave up action in the casino to take an educational tour of the Hoover Dam. Klinger, Tom Morgan, Frank, Beak and Hitman.

  3. What year did the Czar take over and plan a trip to Denver? 2004

Trivia answers from February 24, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers play Lacrosse? The Summer of 1980 Who made money from that activity? Bob "The Geek" Screwlander Why did we quit that sport? The bugs that were attracted to smelly protective equipment ate us up. What sport did we try next? Canadian Floor Hockey with sharp sticks and then Basketball.

  2. What year did the Duffers bring home a Silver Medal from Lake Placid? Stump was asked to play goalie in the championship game in Lake Placid in April 1982.  He replaced the Laurentian Old Pucker's injured goalie. 

  3. When did the Duffers beat Hinsdale Central High School? In January of 1983 the Duffers embarrassed the high school hotshots with the help of 8th grader, Tweedy.   Can you name the son of a Black Hawk who played on that team? Dennis Hall's son was a star on that team. Who was the Hinsdale Coach? Geno was their coach and he couldn't find a way to get them to skate when they didn't have the puck. He figured that getting beat buy some old guys might wake them up.  

  4. Who had the number 8 NASCAR car before Dale Earnhardt?  Jim "The King" Miceli was the driver, mechanic and pit crew of the NASCAR  Number 8 car. 


Trivia answers from February 17, 2012

  1. What year did the Duffers win the Downers Grove Men's Summer League Championship? August 1983. Who were the goalies? Stump and Slimedog Name some of the players. Ken Lopatka, Brian Kraft, Donny and Tony Granato. 

  2. What year did the Duffers win their second Men's league Championship? August 1992. How was this different from the first championship? We had a female on our team.  Cammie Granato had a hat trick in the championship win.

  3. When was “Wheezer” Clementson added to the “King’s Meaningless Trophy”? June 1992 What is his first name? John

I got some complaints that the trivia questions were too hard and they made people read. Try these.

  1. What is Harvey's first name? Arvydas Bonus points if you can give his last name. Dikinis. He could have played in the Three I league.

  2. When is the next Friday the 13th? April 2012.  There will be another one the following July.

  3. Who was the first SOD to become Meaningful? Cowboy Joe Mazzarella.

Trivia answers from February 10, 2012

  1. What was the most goals scored in one game by a Duffer? 
  2. Who was that puck hog and what year did that happen? Beak, age 40, scored 10 goals in his first game after completing his DuPage college hockey course in September of 1980.  He got an A.
  3. Who scored back to back open net goals? When? On September 29, 1995, fifty five year old Beak set a Duffer record when he hit the open net from his own zone with 3 seconds left to play.  Beak ended the 9/22/95 contest with an open net goal from the neutral zone.

    Duffer Trivia web page


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Dr. Keith Suchy, the Duffer Dentist gives Duffer Discounts! Keith played 6 games in 1990 and had 2 goals and 8 assists! Go to Statistics for 1991

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Our Duffer Dentist was the Technical Advisor for the movie 

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