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This is the Home of the Duffer Hockey Team.  Last week, one of the Duffer's daughters,  hosted the 3rd annual Cammi Granato Charity Hockey game to benefit the Golden Dreams for Children Foundation.

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August 1, 2001 
Reporters Cammi Granato ***** Rich Storm

Golden Dreams!

Make sure you get a copy of Rich Storm's latest Road Trips Soundtrack there are some great selections, like. "I want to drive the Zamboni", "Men, Men. Men", "Peoria", "I play Hockey" "Harvey", "I like Beer" and  many more! The CD also includes an Audio-Video presentation of the song "A semi-true Story" playing as pictures of Peoria road trips fly by.  This Rich Storm masterpiece can be ordered for $19.95 plus Shipping and Handling. As is the Duffer policy, you can save S&H charges by picking up your Video at Plato's Pizza.

Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures

Summer Games!
$15.00 for Members and Peoria Duffers.
Guest are welcome $20.00 
The next Duffer summer skate at The Rocket Ice Arena in Bolingbrook is scheduled for:
Aug. 3rd at 8:50
 Directions to Rocket Ice Arena

Cammi Granato's
Family Skate-a-thon and
Charity Hockey game was a big success. Check out the pictures below!

Bowling August 11

Put Saturday, August 11 on your calendar.  Duffer underwear will be awarded to participants. $20.00 will cover Food, bowling and prizes. Food will be served at 9:00 PM and Bowling starts at 9:30. The Tivoli Bowl is located at 938 Warren Ave. Downers Grove, IL 60515.

Golf Outing 
September 8, 2001

We have 16 Duffers, (Gilbert just bought a 4 some for him and Harvey) if you want to make it 20, let Beak know.  I'm sending in money soon so that we can get a better Tee Time.  If you plan to participate, let me know now! For more information go to
Holy Trinity HS Golf outing.

 The Peoria Rivermen President John Butler confirmed this week that Head Coach Jason Christie would return to guide the team for the next two seasons. 

Worcester Ice Cats 

July 15, 2001

Skate-a-thon participants had an easy time getting autographs.


Cammi and some of the little Granatos!


Tina kept the party going with a great selection of music.

The Kids had fun!

Frank, Boris and Klinger were the

Cammi, Jeff and Michelle. oldest Skate-a-thon participants.

  Agi gives Hacksaw an ear full!.

Cliff Koroll and Reggie Kerr sign autographs.

Tony Granato tells Keith Magnuson
  to keep his head up.
Keith Magnuson and Reg Kerr warm up the goalie.

Cammi and her sister-in-law.

Wolves' Mascot kept the kids laughing.

The Wolf moves in on Erica Z.

Doug Wilson puts the clamp on Brinks.
More Skate-a-thon Pictures!  See Beak collar Keith Magnuson.




Aug. 3rd at 8:50                        Duffer summer skate at Rocket Ice in Bolingbrook
 August   11                                                   Bowling
September 8                                          Golf Outing
September 13                                     Jimmy Buffett
September 15                            Jimmy Buffett Party


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