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Bloomington Indiana 

August 3, 2011

Opening Ceremony

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August 4, 2011

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We lost our first game 4-0.  It was a game of missed opportunities. We filled the bases in first inning, but failed to score.  We thought we scored when Michelle raced home from first on a double by CC, but the ball stuck in the fence for a ground rule double, so Michelle was sent back to first.  We thought Hattie had a 2 run inside the park Home run, but the ground rule double got us again.  Alaina pitched a fine game, but got no run support. 

I took fewer pictures than usual because I was recording the games with my video camera.  That team was playing for the championship. 

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Game 2

We had a lot better score in game 2 as Karna pitched a gem, holding the opponents to 1 run.  Michelle doubled in a run in the first, then broke up the 1-1 tie when she tripled in 2 runs in the 5th.  We went on to score 6 more and take a 9-1 win
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Hattie celebrated her 17th Birthday with a good day at the plate.

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Karna has a big smile after hurling a gem.

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Jordan is all smiles as she was flawless at second base.

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Brotherly love from Michelle's brother and Jordan's brothers .

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Coach Scott gets interviewed for the Herald-Times (Article is below)

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Time to do a little shoping

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Jussie made the front page

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You can click on the image to enlarge the print

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The girls were given gift bags at the cook out

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The girls were tired after splitting a double header

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Hattie (Birthday Crown) and Kim check out their goodies

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Hattie shared her gift with her #1 fan, Michael

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August 5, 2011

We had an early start (Girls had to be at the park at 8:00 A.M.)  They were wide awake as Jordan pitched a 1-2-3 inning.  Abby started the bottom of the first with a double, Jussie and Michelle followed with singles.  We  batted around and had 4 runs in when Abby came up for her second at bat and crushed a grand slam over the center field fence to give us 8 runs in the first inning. We went on to a 12-0 win, as Jordan pitched a shut out.
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Abby shows us the ball that she crushed for a grand slam 

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Jussie shows off her reward for a fine game

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We lost our final game 8-7 in a tie breaker extra inning game

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We had another cook out and had some fun

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The girls presented each coach with framed collage of picture

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Coach Mike is all smiles with his gift

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The girls started giving group hugs to coaches and fans

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I even got a group hug from the girls

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Starting with the July 22nd game in Rosemont, I captured some great action.  I have put them on 5 DVDs (Pictured above and below). You can purchase them for a $10.00 donation to the teamYou can pick them up from Kathie or I can mail them to you for a $2.00 fee.  I recorded every pitch in at the win against the 18 year olds in the Bandits Stadium in Rosemont.  

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I recorded almost every pitch on Saturday July 30, 2011 when we won 2 games and tied one to get the top seed in the Roselle Tournament.  Unfortunately I was recording from far down the foul line and the players appear very small. There are a lot of great highlights.  Bree had a Grand Slam, several others had homeruns, triples and doubles. The next day, I recorded from behind the home plate screen as we won both games and the championship.  I have the awards presentations and team pictures on that one.

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I have 2 Bloomington DVDs.  One has our 3 losses and it runs 1 hour and 25 minutes.  The second one has our 2 wins plus some slow motion highlights from all 5 games.  That one runs 2 hours.

If you E-mail your order to me now,  I can have them ready when we get together. 

To E-mail me, just click here! g.lopatka@comcast.net

Michelle had and unbelievable tournament with 6 singles, one double, one triple and one Home Run this weekend at the World Series in Bloomington, Indiana. She scored 5 runs and batted in 5. She batted .563 and was on base 68% of the time.  I gave her a hit on a spinner that fooled the fielder, (an impartial scorer may have given her an error) but heck, I'm her grandpa and I'm certainly not impartial.  She still only made 5 outs in 5 games.  I have the video to prove it.  All of the girls had a weekend to be proud of.  
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We stopped at Denny's on the way home.

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Michael became a big fan watching the girls play their hearts out.

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Thanks to the coaches for their hard work and dedication!! 

I have prepared a DVD for each of them, with thousands of pictures from this season.  

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