Bowling Green Kentucky

July 25, 2012

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On Wednesday July 25, 2012, the girls were introduced at the opening ceremony.  Then the got to sing and dance.


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The parents talked about important things like, "Where do we eat?"

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On the way back to our hotel, I stopped to take some pictures.

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July 26, 2012

We beat a team from Missouri in our first game, then we exchanged gifts.

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Kathie's Birthday Party

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We sang Happy Birthday to Kathie.

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Then I helped her with her desert.

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Another Party at the Hotel

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July 27, 2012

We won our first game, but lost a heart breaker after lunch.  That made us play 2 more elimination games that night.  We won both of them and advanced to play on Saturday. 

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Friday Night Game

I posted some videos on Youtube.  Click here for the links. 

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The graduates wanted a group picture. Can you find Juss?

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Juss found her way into this picture too

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Did you find her?

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Follow the arrow to find Juss.

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This one is a little easier.

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The tweets started flying through cyberspace.

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CC hit a walk off homerun to give us a 9-8 win.

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Links to Youtube Videos

When you click on the links, you will get the following message: "This content cannot be displayed in a frame" There will be a link to open the video in a new frame.  You can search Greg Lopatka on the YouTube home page and all of the video's will be listed there. 

Link to Kim's double:

Link to Chaz's double:

 Link to Briana's smash hit:

Caitlyn's 1-3 put out in the 8th inning:

Elaina's lead off hit when we were down 7-5:

Juss Bunn's Hit moved Elaina to second :

Michelle's RBI Hit made it 7-6:

CC's RBI Hit scored Juss and made it 7-7:

CC's walk off home run gave us a 9-8 extra inning win:

Link to the post game cheers:

Hattie's 2-6-2 put out:

Briana's great catch and throw:

Michelle's RBI Hit in afternoon game:

Brook's RBI single:

Saturday's Videos

Elaina's Home run:

Karna's double:

One of Briana's many base hits:

Michelle's RBI Hit:

Chaz's double:

Caitlyn's change up strike out:

Michelle's 2nd Foul ball blast: (They walked her after that show of power)

Juss Bunn's 2 RBI single


Saturday's Pictures

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We are packed up and headed for home.  Michelle and Caitlyn wave good by.  

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Michelle talked us into a visit to Churchill Downs on Sunday.

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The coaches are leaning right.

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Kathie took my camera and got me into the picture.

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The girls are ready to run.  More pictures posted here.

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