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Josephinum High School Class of 1961 

celebrated their 50 Year Reunion on Saturday, June 4th 2011 at the Rosewood Restaurant in Rosemont Il.

Reunion Committee: 

Pat Zani patzani@bellsouth.net

Jayne Michas jamichas@comcast.net

Tina Zagroba zagroba1@prodigy.net

Rosemary Tirio

Birdie Argast

Dianne Anderson

Louise Shilvock

Helen Pryma

Melody Perna

Peggie Bors

Connie Dymek

Barb Orlando

Carol Jacobson,

Turn on your speakers and you will here "Moments to Remember"

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Have any memories that you would like to share?  I enjoyed listening to the many memories that were shared at the reunion.  When we had the Holy Trinity Class of 1958 reunion, I collected some great stories that I posted on line: Memories Page for Class of 1958, visit and see how much fun we had.

I would be happy to do the same for the Josephinum class of 1961.  Just send your stories to me at: g.lopatka@comcast.net and I'll add them to the bottom of this page. 

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Barbara's Sweater


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If you want to print the entire web page, you will get 14 pages if you use Windows Explorer, pictures numbered 1 through 48 will print 8 per page on pages 7-12. Page 13 will have pictures #49-54.  The first 6 pages will have the school pictures and the group pictures. 

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 (Left to Right)  Back row Barb O.,  Eileen, Mary,  Carol (blue), Janet,  Pat, Kathy, Margie, Angel , Barbara,  Dianne,   1st row standing  Carol, Theresa, Sandy, Mary, Alexandra, Lydia, Nancy, Sue, Connie,, Birdie, Paulette,  Libby,  Elvira, Melody, sitting,  Camille, Caroline, Carol, Rosemary,  Pat,  Louise, Tina,  Shirley, ( floor) Peg, Jayne     

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Group B

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Group C

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Group D

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Those who left us way too soon. Top row &1 down L-R  1st Row Francis Butita, Barbara Roman, Ann Kula, Kathy DeLeo   2nd Row  1 down Joanne Litwitz, Carlene  Randazzo, Pat Finucane   Row 3 Judy Ruhnke, Flora Lucchesi,  Row 4 Sharon Sikorski, Dolores Ptak, Jackie Cikowski,  Row 5 or middle Irene Fleming, Row 6 Marie Romano, Arlene Wozniak, Katrina Krupka,  (one up right side) Eileen Grief.
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Golden Memories

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 Birdie signing, Carol and Barbara O (up front)    

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#1 Pat Z. and Jayne       

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Sue, Pat C. and Dianne

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#3  Connie, Elvira, Louise, Peg, Margie, (in white) Jayne, Pat Z. Michael “Jo” Melody and Pat M.  

100_2449.JPG (960422 bytes)

#4 Louise, Barbara, Theresa,  Margie, Pat, Jayne, and  Michael ”Jo”          ,        

100_2451.JPG (776557 bytes)

#5  Sue, Margie, Barbara and Theresa

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#6  Peg, Pat M., Melody and Shirley  

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#7 Barbara, Kathy, Connie and Margie

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#8  Pat Z. Jayne, Elvira,  Michael, Theresa, Peg , Pat M. and  Shirley   

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#9 Louise, Nancy, Connie,  Barbara and Margie  

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#10  Connie, Kathy, Barbara and Margie

100_2457.JPG (1472550 bytes)

#11 Birdie, Peg, Shirley, Melody and Theresa   

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#12 Camille, Pat C.  and Angel 

100_2460.JPG (1845287 bytes)

#13  Jayne, Nancy and Pat Z.           

100_2461.JPG (701570 bytes)

#14 Brent, Bob, Sandy and Pat Z.  

100_2462.JPG (1310171 bytes)

#15 Paulette, Camille, Carol, Janet, Caroline and Pat Z.  

100_2482.JPG (682318 bytes)

#17 Connie, Nancy, Rosemary, Sue, Tina , Margie left (white) right white Louise and Birdie    

100_2484.JPG (1186496 bytes)

#19 Birdie, (back table) Pat M.,  Melody, Barbara O., Elvira,  Pat, (pink) Barbara, and Paulette (right) 

100_2481.JPG (1136046 bytes)

#16 Nancy, Margie (white right back of chair) Louise ,Birdie, right table, (next table back Pat M., Pat C. front , Melody far right, Standing Tina and Rosemary.         100_2483.JPG (2182963 bytes)

#18  (PURPLE) Brent, (Purple) Bob, Sandy,  Camille, Janet,  Peg (yellow),  Michael and  Mary is next to husband Brent. 

100_2485.JPG (728356 bytes)

#20 Paulette,  Kathy, (back) Dianne, Libby, Angel (clapping), Shirley and Carol    

100_2486.JPG (923094 bytes)

#21  Michael “Jo”,  Connie, Rosemary and Tina ( behind)  up front of Tina Sue,  from left to right Margie, Louise and  Birdie

100_2488.JPG (656130 bytes)

#23 Nancy, Rosemary and Tina Sue 

100_2487.JPG (536873 bytes)

#22  Nancy, Rosemary,  Tina and Sue       

100_2489.JPG (640858 bytes)

#24  Nancy and Sue    

100_2490.JPG (766593 bytes)

#25 Louise, Margie and Connie

100_2492.JPG (828543 bytes)

(Left to right) Elvira Fury, Peg Freisinger Bors and Pat Scaturro 

100_2491.JPG (886053 bytes)

#26 Tina and Rosemary    

100_2493.JPG (2634751 bytes)

(Left to right) Pat Mota, Mellody Imbrogno Perna, Barbara Giarritano Orlando

100_2494.JPG (2430799 bytes)

#29 Bob and Sandy   

100_2495.JPG (659032 bytes)

#30  Camille, Janet and Michael ”Jo”  

100_2496.JPG (634113 bytes)

#31 Mary and Brent

100_2497.JPG (2036225 bytes)

#32  Jayne, Pat Z and Eileen 

100_2498.JPG (1901895 bytes)

#33 Carol, Carol and Caroline        

100_2500.JPG (2133320 bytes)

#35  Kathy  and Penny

100_2499.JPG (2155852 bytes)

#34 Rosemary and Carol 

100_2501.JPG (687983 bytes)

#36 Theresa and Barbara

100_2502.JPG (511043 bytes)

#37 Penny and Carol

100_2505.JPG (2467989 bytes)

#39  Paulette, Kathy H. and  Dianne 


100_2507.JPG (897604 bytes)

#41  Connie , Tina (up front) Nancy and  Sue 

100_2508.JPG (946682 bytes)

#43  “CHEERS”  Here’s to you  & here’s to  me & even if we don’t agree, The Heck with you so here’s to me.      Connie, Tina Nancy and Sue

100_2511.JPG (537512 bytes)

#45 Camille,  Janet , Tina,  Lydia (in white in front)  100_2516.JPG (1015302 bytes)


100_2503.JPG (1444601 bytes)

#38 Libby,  Angel, Alexandra (Sandra) and Shirley 

100_2506.JPG (631326 bytes)

#40 Connie, Tina ( up front) Nancy, Sue,( back of heads) Margie and Louise

100_2509.JPG (612717 bytes)

#42  Tina, Paulette,  Alexandra (Sandra),  Barbara, Rosemary  ( up  front)  Connie,  Tina standing sitting Nancy & Sue 

100_2510.JPG (1147822 bytes)

#44  Barbara (Center)    

100_2512.JPG (1284686 bytes)

#46100_2518.JPG (1130056 bytes)


100_2519.JPG (1277182 bytes)


100_2520.JPG (1915328 bytes)


100_2521.JPG (2137628 bytes)

#51 Pat Louise, Tina, Shirley, Peg (in front in yellow) Lydia (white standing) Nancy, Sue, Connie, Birdie, Libby, Elvira, Melody, Jayne, Kathy and Margie

100_2522.JPG (869209 bytes)

#52 Carol, Barbara, Peg (yellow) and Paulette

100_5312.JPG (894068 bytes)

s#53 Memorabilia  Table   Name tags, yearbook of 1961, Pictures from past reunions, 2011 Reunion booklets.

100_5313.JPG (518458 bytes)

#54 Tina, Pat Zani and Sue

I numbered the pictures so that you can e-mail me names and captions. 

Thanks to Tina Zagroba for all of the names

To E-mail the Web master, just click here! g.lopatka@comcast.net

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