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We Did Detroit

These 4 guys (Beak and 3 Duffer GODs) played a Duffer game on Friday, then went to the Kilt for a beer, then they were on the bus to Detroit the following morning where they played 2 more games in the next 3 days.  



 Detroit Details

Bus left Yorktown on Saturday, February 13 at 9:20 and arrived at the Livonia Marriott at 3:00. That evening we watched a very exciting game between U-17 USA team and team Russia.  Sunday Morning we played a Duffer Game in the USA rink before going to watch the Redwings beat Boston 6-5. Monday Morning, we played another Duffer game in the Joe Louis Arena and then we watched USA play the All Stars from the NAHL Hockey League. We had very little time to get in trouble.  We were back at Yorktown Mall at 1:00 on Tuesday afternoon.

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Duffer News

Monet Mike Throttles the Reds!

Romeoville, IL February 12, 2016  Attendance: ?
GZ and Terry were our MVPs)

The Game:

Friday's most memorable moment was Guest Brian Stewart playing in his first hockey game and scoring a goal the night before his first Duffer road trip.  Monet Mike played goalie for the first time in his life and he was scored on by Barron who loaned him his pads and helped him dress.  Other goals by Magoo, GZ, Berserk, Speed Racer and Cupcake. Final score, I don't know.

Festivus is Saturday February 20 at TZ's House.

I have had this notice posted on every Duffer News Calendar

Barron loaned his goalie pads to Mike then helped put them on.

since January 22!  I am amazed at how many Duffers never read the notice and made other plans.  I suspect that they read the News on their smart phones and never see the Duffer Calendar that has been located in the lower right corner of the Duffer News for over 16 years.  The Czar sent the following e-mail on Thursday morning 2/18/2016: About 15 years ago we were looking for a good date to have a Duffer Christmas Party. Back then, Tommy's older brother John was a mainstay Duffer with a lot of brilliant ideas. John suggested since everyone is so busy in December, that the Duffer's have our Christmas party in February!  Mazurk hosted for the first few years. I hosted for a few years. When the Anvil kept showing up I decided to stop. This year Tommy has volunteered to start the Christmas Party again.

See you Friday!
Mike   See page 2 for 2001 and 2002 Festivus Pictures
Plymouth Michigan, Sunday at the USA Rink: Reds 10 and Whites 7   
Red goals: Harvey - 1 (game winner), TO -2, Jeff -2, Rob Z -1, Morgan-1, Mini -1, and T&A -1 (Jeff assisted on T&A and Mini Wheezer's goals. 

White goals: Zerkis , V-man, Perry, David Lutsh (Berzerks Guest), Rich Morris (Perry's Detroit

Guest), Dave Little (Lou's Canadian Guest) had 1 goal and two posts and Perry's Texas Guest Thom Christensen.   Thom offered to get us ice in Dallas Stars rink. 

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Olgie takes it like a man.
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Monday at the Joe Louis Arena: Reds: 9 and Whites: 7

Red goals: Harvey 2 (game winner), Matt (little Hammer) 1, Mini 1, Jeff 1, Mike 1, Perry 1, Jim Coughenhour 1, Zerkis 1, Rob Z 1. (All Duffers)

White goals: Steve A 2, Terry 1, Joe "Olgie" Mazz  1, David Little 1,  Dallas Thom 1, Detroit Rich 1. 
Thx again for a great trip!!!!!

Thanks Tom for the summary.  After playing 3 games in 4 days, I have a hard time remembering much of anything except for the "Take it Like a Man" game that was played in the conference room at the Marriott while my room

Bob Granato provided plenty of beer.  I am waiting for Brinks to bill us.

mate played music on his digital juke box that played without a coin slot.  I miss putting nickels in the Wurlitzer (See the picture on page 1 of the Strohs beer can that hit Olgie in the head) When I start posting pictures, I will remember more. See the Duffers Hockey Facebook Page.  Harvey's Daughter tagged Harvey as "Lacy's Links" since he does not do Facebook.

Perfect Attendance: Beak has now played 2 more games than Fred and he went to the Bar every night after every game! 

2001 Festivus    2002 Festivus 

Duffer Christmas party was held at Berserk's Barn on February 2, 2002! Thanks to Chris and Wendy for their hospitality. Johnny Z came up with the "Christmas party in February" idea in 2001 because everybody is too busy in December.
Wives and kids had a great time.  Jeff was playing floor hockey in the Berserk Barn in the 2001 party.  (Pictures Left) Wendy, The Czar and the Stumps.  (Pictured Below) Mini Wheezer's Wife and Daughter.

(Left) A young Johnny Z and Mini Wheezer

The Duffers first celebrated Festivas and Christmas on Saturday, February 24, 2001. Laughter shook Berserk's new house.
(Left) Jeff and his Dad fight for a puck.

(Right) Agi's Daughter Frankie scores on Klinger

Beak's memories

We left on Saturday after playing a Duffer game that I can't remember except that John Magoo Landry scored and Fruitcake gave 10 year old Jake Zerkis a can of beer. Jake's Dad Greg refrained from calling the cops.  If you scored or had a memorable moment that night, let me know if you want it posted.  One of the many memorable Detroit moments occurred when we were touring the Redwing locker room and Amber came in.  I have been dealing with her via e-mail for 2 years whenever I needed tickets.  I had never seen her until she walked in to the locker room and her stunning beauty silenced the room except for a few quiet unprintable comments in the back. I woke the group up by saying, "Wow! I have been e-mailing you for tickets in the last 2 years. If I knew you were this good looking, I would have been chatting you up a lot more often." See the picture of Greg Z below just after I delivered that line.  

I have hundreds of pictures to view and I am expecting more.  I asked the Detroit Duffers to share their memorable moments ASAP.  I only remember that Harvey had 1 goal in the USA rink and 2 in the Joe. I had an assist on one of O'Connor's goals in the Joe and Mini Wheezer just missed a Gordy Howe Hat trick in the Joe when he had a goal and assist but couldn't find any one to fight him.  I offered to do it because he obliged me last year to help me get the Gordy Howe Hat trick in the Joe, but I was his teammate this year.  

See pictures below of Amber. There are also pictures of a College beer drinking game we learned from Tweedy in Hayward.*  You will see why Berserk and Butt Head nick names are very appropriate.  

*Tom Morgan corrected me and said that they played that game in college in Colorado in the 1970s and they introduced it to Tommy and Tweedy in Hayward.


Here are the e-mails that came in on Wednesday and Thursday:

I am so genuinely grateful for this.  I was smiling silly walking into work today!  The road trip was just an awesome experience for me - playing the Joe!!  The Redwings locker room!!  The USA rink; "going up" against Donny on the rink (hah, now there's a real joke), hearing Donny's amazing thoughtfulness!!  And so much more.  Beak, thanks to you and all the Duffers for making this happen.  Fantastic experience!

Dan BirdMan

 Beak- thank you for setting up such a fantastic road trip!  Mikey, great shirts.  Don, please extend our collective thanks to Tony and Donny.  Unbelievably great time. I've enclosed a few of the group shots from this trip... I know many of you had asked me and at this point, I don't recall who exactly had, so I'm sending them to you all. Beak - I'll get you the rest of the photos on a memory stick or dropbox soon.Thanks,

Greg Z 

If everyone chipped in 15 cents we'd be in the black again with a 45 cent surplus. I'll start the DVDs tomorrow but it might take a while.  There is about 20GB of video with the two games.


 Thx for taking care of all the little details each day for my brother, me and all the Duffers. We got home safe and Ryan scores his first NHL goal tonight to cap another tremendous a Duffer road trip. Thx Beak!


 Beak: Thanks for everything.  ‘Take it Like a Man’ is a Colorado game, invented in the late 70’s.  We should’ve left it there. Tom Morgan

Saturday road trip started with mini making some incredible bloody mary's... made for a great start to the trip. We had the chance to watch the Team USA U17 play the Russians and that was some stellar hockey.  The Russians won and the next day some of them watched us play and their coach took our team picture.  Our locker room was good, the ice was great, and everyone had a blast.  Nobody got hurt in that game. Sunday morning, the Red Wings game was a blast... big win.  That evening a few guys took a side trip, and Morgan ended up with a grapefruit sized ankle... so he ended up taking pictures the next day at the Joe. Skating at the Joe was incredible once again.  We seemed to be out there for some long, long periods however Beak wisely put in a break 1/2 way.  The King had a blast too. Watching Team USA u17 against the NAHL kids was incredible too.  Afterwards, while talking, drinking, listening to music... some of the guys started playing a really dumb game. (Take it Like a Man) All told, we were all sleeping on the way home.


 Thanks for putting together another fantastic Duffer road trip. I had a great time as always and Dan did too (natural born Duffer). We rolled into Union Station about 12 and I made it to class at 9AM Tuesday. That was a little rough.  See you Friday

 Ron Dubreuil

 Good afternoon, 

I wanted to say thank very much for the very sweet card and the gift of money.  I look forward to you guys joining us every year and I hope everyone had a memorable trip to the D! 
I watched you guys skate and play a game and it warmed my heart that your group is so passionate about the game of hockey and your life long friendships!! 

Stay in touch, 

Kim Brodie 
Executive Assistant | Detroit Red Wings

 Hey Beak,

Thanks for all the work that you did setting up yet another successful road trip! I know that Dave and Steve had a blast. Although Dave has become quite accustomed to all the past duffer road trips. Lol. Thank you again. Now I have to go change the bandage on my nose...

Chris Mazurk

 When I was watching you...I did see the Go-Pro.  You guys are so darn wonderful!! 

Kim Brodie 

 Firstly, thanks for organizing an amazing trip. I really look forward to them. I tried to forward the emails to Lou and I got them bounced back. I texted Lou to let him know.  Regards, 



We had a lot of fun watching Berserk duel Olgie in a game of "Take it Like a Man".

Greg Z had a good laugh when Beak gave thanks to the ladies.

We would like to thank Amber (above) for getting us 41 tickets to a sold out game.  Thanks to Julie (below) arranged for the ice for us in the Joe and the bus. Thanks to Kim (Not pictured) who got us a great deal at the Marriott. Thanks to Donny and Tony for a great trip.

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