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Duffer News Number 816

Duffer News Number 815

December 30, 2016

6 goals and the game winning goalie came from this group

Duffer News Number 814

December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!  

Duffer News Number 813

The Eleventh Game of our 45th Season

Pizza Fun!

Duffer News Number 812

The Tennth Game of our 45th Season

Fun in the Sky!

Duffer News Number 811

The Ninth Game of our 45th Season

Happy Thanksgiving!

Duffer News Number 810

The Eighth Game of our 45th Season

Duffer Trophy Goes to Toronto!

Duffer News Number 809

The Seventh Game of our 45th Season

Duffer Trophy Hits the Road!

Duffer News Number 808

The Sixth Game of our 45th Season

Grandpa Ken kept his scoring streak alive with 4 goals!

Duffer News Number 807

The Fifth Game of our 45th Season

It was nice to see Vidas again, He said, "I'm in for the next Road trip, When is it?"


Duffer News Number 806

The Fourth Game of our 45th Season

Two rookie goalies made their début.  Brian Stewart and Jack Kroll did a fine job!

Duffer News Number 805

The Third Game of our 45th Season

Fred Bought a case of Beer for his birthday, then scored 2 goals and overloaded the scoreboard.

Duffer News Number 804

The Second Game of our 45th Season

Image result for goalie holes diagram

We needed a goalie board

Duffer News Number 803

The First game of our 45th Season

Beak got the first and 3rd goals of the 2016-17 Season. His grandsons Jeff and Mike set up the goals.

Duffer News Number 802

The last summer game was followed by a cookout

Commander Ken was presented with the Next Generation Duffer Meaningless Trophy and he provided us with a great party after the game.

Duffer News Number 801

The second summer game was followed by a great picnic

Magoo was presented with the Klinger Krash Award by T&A.  Normally, the recipient of an award is usually happier than the presenter, but this award is special.

Duffer News Number 800

Grandpa Ken Returned to the Ice with 2 new knees!


Duffer News Number 799

The end of another great season!

Steve the Hammer and his son provided a great cookout.

Duffer News Number 798

Son of Stump has 2 Klinger Krashes

Jack Kroll gets invited to the USA Development Event.

Duffer News Number 797

Son of Stump Scored his First Duffer Goal

Kyle Barczynski gets the Game Puck

Duffer News Number 796

Son of Stump Scored his First Duffer Goal

Donny's USA U-17 Team Came to Town!

Duffer News Number 795

Beak had 1 of the 10 Meaningful goals on his 76th birthday.

Beak got a free desert just for being old!


Duffer News Number 794

We toured the Redwings Locker room after we played a game in the Joe Louis Arena.

We Did Detroit Again!

Duffer News Number 793

A few guys played 3 games in 4 days! Several guys played 4 games in 4 days, but they didn't make it to the Kilt like Beak and the GODs did.

We Did Detroit Again!

Duffer News Number 792

We are ready to play 3 games in 4 days

Monet Mike's Tee shirts came out looking great!

Duffer News Number 791

The Anvil had his finest game just 3 days before his 61st birthday!

Here is a file photo of the Anvil helping Boris get hair.

Duffer News Number 790

The First Game of the Year!

T&A brought in a record crowd.

Duffer News Number 789

The Last game of the year!

The Anvil is Tired, but he won one more.

Duffer News Number 788

Only 1 more game this year!

Monet Mike lifts the Cup.

Duffers make The cover of the Sun 

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